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on time – in time – in due time/course

On time refers to an event taking place at the exact time it was supposed to take place: the meeting started on time. Expect Swiss trains to run more or less on time.  In time refers to something happening before a crucial deadline/event: We finished the proposal in time for the meeting. (Nous avons terminé à temps…) The police arrived just in time to see the … Continue reading on time – in time – in due time/course »

proposer vs. to propose

The academic meanings of the French and English words “proposer” and “to propose” are quite similar. For example: To put forward a plan or proposal: The committee proposed a new agreement. → Le comité a proposé un nouvel accord.  We proposed Ms Smith as Chair / Chairperson / Chairwoman. → Nous avons proposé Mme Smith en tant que Présidente. However, note the difference in non-academic … Continue reading proposer vs. to propose »